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Windows XP or Windows Vista users:If you are using an older version of McAfee like versions 12.8.x and 14.0.x, and you see a message computer at risk, then read this article and find the solutions. McAfee shows “At risk” after 8th January 2021NOTE – To protect computers from viruses, the DATs – virus signatures used by McAfee must be kept up to date. Virus signatures of McAfee software recognize new and old viruses.Cause:This issue occurs, from January 2021, McAfee not continuing with DAT updates signed with older security files. From January 2021, the McAfee DAT work was only signed with newer security.McAfee Windows product to work with newly signed DATs, it must be on version 16.x or newer. If your PC has an older version of McAfee installed, it will not work, and you see the error shown above.Solution:It is easiest and requires you to start an update of your McAfee software. Your computer must be installed Windows 7 or later to use this.

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